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Anonymous said...

Great Cat book writing. Enjoyed this post. I sent an email. Karen Priest

Anonymous said...

Tom did you get my letter from the Totnes Bookshop last week re. cat charity

Anonymous said...

Too long to Tweet (from Kelly Sims) but thought you'd enjoy the humour in this.

Phone call with my mum – she’s just moved house and has to keep the two cats indoors until they get used to their new surroundings

Mum: I’m not letting them cats out yet; they’ll go running off over that nature reserve. I’m not going over there at night, shaking their treats and shouting them, I might come across some weird *sects!

(Note: At this point I heard ‘sex’, not ‘sects’)

Me: I don’t think there are any doggers over the nature reserve mum

Mum: Not doggies, CATS!

Tania de Sousa said...

I've sent an email! Please, please I want one 😆😆
Now seriously, huge fan of your "pawned" work 😘😘

James Bentz said...

I enjoy your work, and your absolute love for your pets. Am glad Roscoe is on the