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Imagine a fur-covered mix of Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It, a medieval fool employed to entertain those who pay for his food, a punk rock musician and an unusually large, especially persistent meat fly, and you pretty much have Shipley - aka @MYSWEARYCAT - down to a tee. Picked as an "extra", way back in 2001 when I adopted his brother, Ralph, due to the fact he was the runt of the litter and I felt sorry for him, he soon grew into a personality that was anything but runtish, and got into the habit of walking around the house swear-meowing, batting The Bear on the head and chewing any paperback book I was remiss enough to leave lying around. Shipley is constantly in my face, talking trash. This persona can only be defused by picking him up and turning him upside down, at which point he will become as mellow as a Grateful Dead fan at a "legalise cannabis" fundraiser, and purr in a such a powerful way, you suspect it could serve as a renewable energy source.
Shipley (@MYSWEARYCAT) Reviewed by Tom Cox on 13:28:00 Rating: 5 Imagine a fur-covered mix of Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It, a medieval fool employed to e...


rustle said...

How about some Shipley sound bites?

Julie said...

I now know your pain as I have my own Sweary Cat. We saved him from a life of scavenging outside a chinese take away. He is called B (short for Buffy cos we originally thought he was a girl and as we drove him away from the chinese my husband started singing the song from Buffy where she's been dragged out of heaven by her friends!) He now wanders round the house at 4am swearing loudly at us because we're sleeping and he's awake and apparently we're being quite rude by not entertaining him at this hour. The other two cats are no more impressed than us by his night time foul mouthed antics but this doesn't seem to dampen his ardeur. This is now my life. I feel a book coming on :)
Thank you for your hours of entertainment provided by your books - I feel I can empathise with most of your feline experiences! :)

MA M said...