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The Bear (@MYSADCAT)

The Bear, who passed away in December 2016 at the grand old age of 21, was, by some distance, the most polite cat I'd ever met. When he wanted food, he asked for it not with a meow, but by nodding eagerly towards the food cupboard. A slight Benjamin Button of the cat world (he finally started to look something like his age in his later years but looked older at 5 than he did at 17), he had more of a meeoop than a meow: a noise that, despite its gentle nature, could pull noisily at your heart strings with its central question, which usually seemed to translate as, "Can you tell me why I am a cat, please?" While other cats threw their weight about in various ways, punching each other & killing rodents, The Bear adopted a pacifist lifestyle and preferred to spend the day following me around, staring at me with his big saucer eyes, which seemed to contain all the world's sadness. I did once catch him sitting alone with a dead mouse but I think another cat had killed it, and he just wanted to read some elegiac poetry to it.
The Bear (@MYSADCAT) Reviewed by Tom Cox on 00:41:00 Rating: 5 The Bear, who passed away in December 2016 at the grand old age of 21, was, by some distance, the most polite cat I'd ever met. Whe...


Sarah Springham said...

My cat Madam (who departed for the Fortnum and Mason branch of cats in space earlier this year) was just the same. A keen botanist and biologist, she spent most of her life asleep. When awake she occupied her hectic 3 hour schedule with staring at me through aquamarine eyes, sniffing plants, watching ants, and meowing when I whistled any Vivaldi. I miss her.

Hannah Lynne said...

I love The Bear lol Those soulful eyes.

Glendon McKinney said...

I have quite fallen in love with The Bear. I can't even remember when I stumbled across a photo, but immediately I wondered who can this cat be with those intense eyes? What a charming and beautiful fellow.

Dana Ihnen said...

I love The Bear and miss intensely your daily posts of him on Facebook. Whatever happened to that and other postings of your other cats? They made my day every time.
I own two of your books through the Book Depository. I have five cats and they all live in Illinois; I now reside in Las Vegas and spend my time with my nephew's cat, Merlin. I should start a blog about him.

Thank you for all you do. I find everything quite interesting and I love to read what you write and have to say.

Mumus Mum said...

I've just introduced a friend to Under the Paw, she's bought all the books and can't put it down.
I'm going to reread them shortly, and know it will be bittersweet knowing the Bear has passed.
That said, I am lucky enough to have a Bear of my own (his name in the rescue centre) so I am sure I will get cuddles.
Thanks for taking the non SEO route and sharing your musings.
More power to your paw!